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Customer Testimonials

Pastor Annmarie was at our women's Mother's Day conference and it was absolutely fabulous. We witness deliverance and transformation. We can't wait until next year 2015, Lives were changed. We booked her before the night was over.

 Emily Barton, Executive Director of Women of Destiny, N.Y.

Having Pastor Annmarie with us for our special church service was so rewarding. She is a true biblical instructor of the Word . Her message just took us right back to the Lord. She preaches out of her convictions. We were so blessed.

-Tonya Carson Smith - Pastor at Tabernacle of Praise, GA

"Pastor Annmarie we at Bethel want to say thank you for the spirit led conference. The message "Living in Drought "really opened up our eyes. How little we can do for others when we have nothing to give from an empty reservoir, wow, it just hit home. We have not stopped talking about it. 

- Cristina Torres, Bethel Church N.Y.

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