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The Potential of a Woman

The Potential of a Woman

The heart of a woman has always been on the journey of healing from the hurts in the heart. Dealing with rejection, friendships, spiritual abuse and relationship abuse to name a few. All episodes of life in some way or another has formed challenges within her. These episodes oftentimes alter the life of a woman, leaving her depleted with no self-esteem and to some a lost of purpose. Women are reduced from divine potential oftentimes consumed by the defectual powers and opinions of those who do the least for them.

I'm here to tell every woman From every nation and from every creed. You are more than sufficient; your soul was woven with greatness and powered to accomplish that which you have set your mind to do. You were not born to be ordinary but an extraordinary imprint of greatness. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are purposed with divine definition and what you have pressing in your own heart beating; moment by moment is your dream. Give attention to your dream if not your nightmares will get the best of you. Release people who do little in your life and control your entire mind, suppressing your dreams and your visions, and yes, even your emotions to love not matter how much it hurts.

Rise up; it is time ladies that you test the limits of your destiny. Let me remind you that Our Lord Jesus Christ, Kings, Prince, Popes, Engineers, and Doctors were birthed through a woman.

Let me pull the weeds from your life that I may be used to help you grow into the woman you were called to be. A woman of significance, authority and position, a woman of distinction and of courage. You are an influential woman that makes a difference in the lives of others. It does not matter what others have thought of you. What matter is what you were taught to think and belief for yourself.

No matter where you stand your strength is in all you do because strength purposes to find you. It matters not your age, whether you are 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, and 70 and so on. Your definition is intertwined with divine destiny. Guard your heart there are many reasons to defend your womanhood.

Women you are the glory of creation. You're distinguishing character and abilities are personal in you. Each and every one of you has flawless intentions engraved in the fibers of your being for you to manifest. Right now you hear the sound of your dream, walk in the dream until you arrive at its destination.

Whether you are black or white Latin or Asian. The eyes of the soul see liberty and victory in your passion for your lifetime. Renounced being a traitor of your own mind and establish your goals for tomorrow and move ahead an hour at a time, a day at a time, until the fulfillment of your essence has bear fruit.

Listen only to those who sing the same songs with you. Tear down the prison walls, if you must from your mind, you are not captive you are free! Your freedom costs you nothing, but it caused the Lord everything. Recognize your significance to make a difference. Women discover what makes you different and live on a course to implement it. Cross oceans you have not threat upon, scream across the seas, stand on mountain tops if you must. Take with you the one thing that you have that sets you apart from the other. Validation is no longer necessary; you are magnificent exactly as you are. Quiet the whispers of un-truth and believe in your purpose.

Say these words to yourself and find moment to share them with another woman.

I am a great woman, and I stand with you as a woman who is great just like me!

From The Heart of a Woman Ministries

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The Potential of a Woman

The Potential of a Woman The heart of a woman has always been on the journey of healing from the hurts in the heart. Dealing with rejection, friendships, spiritual/relationship abuse, spiritual handic

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