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Broken Bread

Broken Bread

There is a right place with God and a not so right place with God. When we are in a relationship with the Lord Jesus, at a moment's notice we can say Lord "Here I Am". We can say send me, use me and actually mean it.

God's idea is the same for His people as he had for His Son; to make us broken bread and poured out wine, why? So that we can feed those closest to us.

However, God cannot make us wine if we object His hands upon our lives of crushing the things that are against Him or oppose Who He is. And neither can he make us broken bread until we submit to the changing of our lives, the kneading of all ungodly ways, giving God permission when He can use us.

We can't be bread and wine to others until God has nurtured us and has made us ready to feed others who are hurting and living with lack.

Often times our lives are poor vessels and are not right before God. God does not offer bitter wine to anyone. We must be adjusted to God before we can be broken bread first, in the hands of God.

Let us all come to the realization that God loves you and that His Son died for all of us because He cared and wanted to show us the way. The only responsibility is to accept Him and embrace Him.

Trust the Lord in all His ways. See, a man is not made righteous by his own works, but by faith in the provision of God.

The greatest tragedy in life is that we do not know God.

Pastor Annmarie Fontanez

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