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Being Defensive

Being Defensive" is a sign we need healing. If you’ve ever wondered why it is that we become protective when a subject matter is spoken and then become defensive, then certainly there is a place in your heart that needs emotional healing.

If you have been told you are controlling, there is something in you that will not let you be hurt again. Perhaps you have become a people pleaser so that you never get rejected again. Either way it manifest a healing deficiency.

Pass wounds develop a state of bondage, oppression that carries burdens. If you have ever been rejected, abused physically or emotionally, abandoned or scorn, maltreated or neglected. You set out to cope and to adjust to others from the point when someone hurt you. You do anything and everything to protect yourself, not allowing anyone to hurt you again. You make a vow to yourself, no one will harm me again!!!. The spirit of rejection compensates for other things in your life

When you have arguments with your spouse or friend, he/she sheds light on a topic and you may become irate. Remember is not the person in front of you that you are angry at but the person who hurt you and now the memory ignites a flame from the hurt you once felt.

Touching one's wounds will awaken pain and rejection. For those of us who have been there, every offensive wound is wide open and needs healing. Anytime someone brings something to your attention that you don’t appreciate-reveals you have hurt by the way you respond. Being defensive speaks to the one who hurt you in the pass.

Jesus came to give you salvation and abundant life.

Let your life be something and do something it has not been or done before. No one can defeat you unless you let them. You and only you with God can break the cycle of defeat in your life. To be able to draw strength from God you must see yourself as part of Him.

Your pass is a memory of the future where you gain power from your pain. Use it wisely it will convey a new message and will alter you afresh to see you once again, or perhaps for the first time in a long time.

Like is great! but please Share... people are hurting.

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