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The Visionary

Welcome to Annmarie Fontanez Global Ministries








Pastor Annmarie Fontanez is a powerful Latin American Christian woman born in Puerto Rico. She committed her life to the Lord 36 years ago. She is an ordained pastor and installed overseer. She is the Founder/President and Executive Director of Annmarie Fontanez Global Ministries. A ministry of reconciliation, rejuvenation, and hope. She has birthed several ministries consisting of three churches: Cornerstone of Hope Ministries, two women’s ministries, Daughters of the King & The Heart of a Woman, a cancer health organization - The Cancer Foundation of Hope, a dance ministry, Under His Wings, and a food agency, Love Outreach Mission to name a few during her spiritual career.


Pastor Annmarie is a Pastor in Jefferson GA. She is a visionary, an efficacious seasoned conference speaker, educator, author, humanitarian, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. She is gifted in administration, organization and project development. She is a woman of compassion and mercy, yet humorous simultaneously.


Her vision statement is to restore the walking wounded by empowering and renewing minds and broken spirits. To transform lives with a clear perspective and enablement for their future. She delivers a message of faith, spiritual growth, and encouragement. Pastor Annmarie is un-compromise when it comes to God’s Word and His message.

As a traveling minister of the gospel, she presents the Gospel of Jesus Christ at churches, women’s conferences, and retreats across the United States and on a global platform.


In her women’s ministry “The Heart of a Woman” she infuses women with emotional health and restoration with a plethora of spiritual health. She empowers women with inspiration and motivation, relentlessly pointing them to their God-given potential and awaited destiny. There is an understanding at her meetings… that lives can only grow and heal, when they embrace that which is only through Christ, can ever be made whole.


Her message promotes and ignites Christian self-worth and spiritual expansion. She has been unwavering over two decades of her life supporting, raising and training women to flourish in every aspect of a women’s life.  Annmarie, is an efficacious seasoned conference speaker.


In addition, Pastor  Annmarie is a cancer survivor for twelve years. Her testimony is sure to impact your life and even increase faith. She is an advocate for alternative medicine for cancer treatment. Furthermore, she teaches & trains through women's health conferences on disease control, cancer prevention, and overall women's health care.


Pastor Annmarie is a writer and in the process of releasing one of three books “EPISODES” of Life. A book on the challenges of life and the turmoil of living one episode at a time. The secrets we keep and the exposure to others who feel the same as you.


If your church or ministry is interested in booking Pastor Annmarie Fontanez at any of your events please allow 60-90 days for scheduling a booking. Contact our office at 678 863-7669.  




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